Cancer (malignancy) is the second leading cause of death worldwide after cardiovascular disease. In recent years it has been increasing in incidence, especially in young people.

On the other hand, the rapid progress of science has led to the discovery of both methods and treatments that have significantly increased the survival rates of oncology patients while maintaining a very good quality of life.

Thus, in addition to standard chemotherapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy are now being used in an increasing number of malignancies. It is important to provide individualised care to each oncological patient according to his or her needs.

In the ANASSA Clinic, a staff of renowned doctors with many years of experience in the treatment of malignancies offer, always in collaboration with the other staff of the clinic, a holistic treatment of malignancies, applying modern protocols, always in accordance with the guidelines drawn up by World Organizations.

Let’s not forget that prevention is always the best method of treating cancer!

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