Blood is an essential component of life and an irreplaceable healing medium. Blood transfusion is the ultimate act of love from person to person and the most important gift to a fellow human being in need!

Blood covers both the regular needs of patients who need transfusions or are about to undergo a planned surgery, and emergency cases such as those of road accidents. It must be understood by all of us that just donating blood at an emergency time to help save a relative or friend is not enough!

The only way to ensure that blood is always available for anyone who needs it is through regular voluntary blood donation. It is a painless, harmless process, will only cost us 10 minutes of our time and is carried out by experienced healthcare professionals.

That is why ANASSA, Member of OneHealth Group, invites all volunteer blood donors to continue to offer this precious gift of life to our fellow human beings in need and to participate in the voluntary blood donation that will take place on Wednesday 14/2/2024 from 9.00 to 13.00 outside the ANASSA Clinic, 13 Vernardaki Street, Volos.


We are waiting for you!

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