Anassa General Clinic


ANASSA is an Advanced Unit situated in the city of Volos. It provides primary, secondary and tertiary care. It also offers diverse health care services that are encompassed by the General Clinic, the Dialysis Unit, and the Polyclinic, by ensuring prevention, prompt diagnosis and effective treatment in a patient-friendly environment.

The goal of the General Clinic, offering high quality diagnostic, surgical and other therapeutic services, is to provide a direct and personalized approach to all those who entrust their health and rehabilitation in the Clinic’s distinguished physicians.
ANASSA cooperates with the National Organization for Health Care (EOPYY), the Hellenic Ministry for National Defense (YETHA) and other private insurance organizations.

Member of the OneHealth group.

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Health in our region is entering a new era with the "One Health" group providing medical care based on the highest European quality standards.

Polyclinic of Anassa is established in a brand new, modern and visitor friendly facility.

The ANASSA Polyclinic is easy accessible since it is situated next to the bus stop for the urban buses No. 1 and No. 15. It is fully equipped with ultramodern medical equipment and is staffed by leading medical, nursing and administrative personnel, aimed at providing quality primary health care services. Our goal is the immediate and personalized approach for each individual who entrust their health and rehabilitation.

The reasons that make us distinctive in health care services


Anassa cooperates with professionals of scientific excellence. Doctors of diverse specialties are covering almost every medical field.


Anassa occupies specialized health care professionals working 24hours per day, 365 days per year, providing high quality services and standards. Specialized nursing and technology staff are close to each patient’s need providing accurate prognosis, diagnosis and treatment.


Anassa is equipped with the latest and most innovative medical equipment.


Anassa provides patient centered medical services, thus achieving the most effective care for patients.


Anassa provides health care services to International patients and supports them to overcome any possible difficulties, during their stay within the clinic. Also provides services upon discharge in order to reassure that they are transferred appropriately to their place of stay.


Anassa provides high quality services with a patient approach in all occupied medical fields.


Basic principle of Anassa is direct and unique approach of patient’s needs that trust their health and rehabilitation.


Anassa uses the most contemporary medical equipment and is always up to date for innovations in order to be able to cover the population’s health care needs.


Because in ANASSA we see through the eyes of our patients, the people who have trusted us for years and in this way we listen to their needs and constantly try to fulfill them.


Anassa is certified for quality of offering services, proving the remarkable health care assistance provided.