New reduced values in the detection tests

In our specially designed areas for sample collection and processing, we operate 6 molecular analyzers of the latest generation with which we have the ability, where required, to extract results in less than 1 hour and within a few minutes results are extracted for rapid tests.

Also, there is the possibility, for group sample collections, to have a team of specialized ANASSA Health Professionals visit your service, at a time and place indicated by you, in order to perform on-site smear taking of your strains at the same prices.

Our Laboratory, in accordance with the current legislation, registers the results of the tests in the COVID-19 patient register of HICC so that a negative diagnostic test certificate can be issued, with a unique verification code and an advanced electronic seal. The result of the test, if requested, is sent electronically, thus avoiding a second visit to the Diagnostic Centre.

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COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test


PCR Test




The result of the examination, if requested, is sent electronically.