Guidelines for escorts/ visitors

Anassa acknowledges the need for visiting your relatives and friends during their hospitalization and accepts the positive impact on their health care condition and healing.
In order to be able to provide quality medical and nursing services and function properly, visitors and companions must respect and follow our guidelines.

Visitors must:

  • Respect the visiting hours.
  • Respect and follow medical and nursing staff’s guidelines in order to facilitate their work.
  • Do not visit their companions if they have suspicion of any disease.
  • Use the antiseptic detergent upon their arrival and leave from the patient’s room.
  • Contribute to keep the areas of the clinic clean.
  • Keep confidentiality in any case they see or hear any information relating to personal data of theirs or any other patient.
  • Number of visitors for each patient must not exceed two at the same time. Visits must be sort.
  • Children under 14 years old are not permitted to enter medical wards for security reasons. In any other case, access must be approved by the manager of the clinic.
  • Visitors must not suffer from any contagious disease in order not to transmit or burden patient’s health care condition.
  • Walking patients may see their visitors at the special visiting area on the fifth floor of the clinic.
  • Ward visits are taking place only to bed patients, under the condition that their physical and emotional balance is not disturbed.
  • Any medical administration from visitors is not allowed.
  • Visitors must not sit on patients’ beds.
  • It is not allowed to bring any kind of food from outside the clinic. The hospital prepares meals for patients under specific rules of hygiene. Flowers and flower pots are prohibited.
  • Staying and overnight of an escort may be permitted only after special arrangement with the manager of the hospital. In that case, the escort receives special authorization.
  • The use of an exclusive nurse is allowed under agreement with the management. The Directorate of Nursing Services provides a list with nurses qualified for the service. You may choose an exclusive nurse only form the list provided.
  • Nursing care from housekeepers is not permitted.
  • Patients may receive phone calls in their wards. The telephone number is written on the device. Phone calls may be accepted at any time except from the quiet time hours.
  • Information regarding patient’s health care condition is provided daily from specialized doctors. Update is provided only to relatives.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all clinics’ areas. (waiting rooms, toilets, stairs, metal staircases, e.t.c.)
  • Departing of patients and escorts from the emergency doors is prohibited.
  • The responsibility for keeping money and high value items within the wards belongs to patients and their relatives. The clinic and its staff are not responsible for any loss.
  • Respecting visiting hours, contributes to patient’s safety and security.
  • Visitors and escorts must comply with the managers, head nurses and clinic’s staff recommendations. For any problems or enquiries that may arise, please come to contact with any of the referring people.
  • In any case there are precautions or measures to avoid infectious diseases, visitors must follow the staff’s guidelines and respect instructions given to patients from the medical team.

Further suggestions

Additional Recommendations for Visitors from Anassa’s Committee of Infectious Diseases

  • For the protection of patients you should not bring flowers, food or beverages.
  • The food is served and removed at specific times. It is not allowed to keep any food within the wards. It is not allowed to consume or order any delivery food in the clinic.
  • In any case of infectious disease, patients are transferred to single rooms. This is for protection of their health care condition, and to avoid any transmission. Special medication is administered. Hospital care expenses are altered.
  • Αlong with standard practices recommended as a part of routine healthcare delivery to all patients, Anassa has developed policies and procedures to ensure protection, prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic. All necessary measures and health protocols are under the guidelines of EODY (National Public Health Organization) and the Infection Committee of the clinic. Guidelines and precautions are applied to both patients and health care personnel to limit the transmission. Therefore, any possible exposure to the virus within the clinic’s setting is considered accidental.

For the safety of your own patient

  • Follow the rules of the medical/nursing staff.
  • Avoid crowds within your ward.
  • Don’t use patient’s toilets.
  • Uses the antiseptic detergent placed on the ward, or wash your hands with soap.
  • Keep all precautions suggested (mask, gloves, robe e.t.c.)
  • Companion’s permission of stay is only given in special occasions and it is signed by the hospital’s manager.
  • Permission for short exit, demands special allowance from the medical team. It is only provided after completion of an application to the manager and informing the general manager.
  • Use only elevators for public operation.
  • Do not move equipment, such as chairs, from the one ward to another in order to avoid dispersion of microbes.

What are the visiting hours?



DAILY  11.30-12.30 & 17.30-19.30  11.30-12.30 & 18.00-20.00
WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS 11.00-13.00 & 17.30-19-30 11.00-13.00 & 18.00-20.00