Rapid test procedures

ANASSA, responding to the developments of this new situation that concerns a large number of our fellow citizens, with a sense of high social responsibility, proceeded to create special economic packages for group sampling, e.g. Companies, Clubs, Associations, Unions, etc., with reduced prices far below the price of 10€.

Rapid coronavirus antigen detection tests (Rapid test) are taken and analysed by ANASSA’s qualified Health Professionals and the results are obtained within minutes, with our actions focused on making the process as quick and safe as possible for the benefit of those being tested.

Also, there is the possibility for Health Professionals from ANASSA’s mobile sampling units to visit the workplaces for group sampling for the greater convenience of the employees. It is emphasized that whether the sampling is carried out in our diagnostic laboratories or at the workplaces of the examinees, all measures of the SARS-CoV-2 prevention health protocol are taken. All of the above helps to ensure as much as possible that employees are healthy or not, thus reducing the chances of spreading the virus inside and outside the workplace.

Rapid test operating hours

08:00 — 16:00Daily 08:00 — 16:00Saturday

Price Guide for Coronavirus Test

For more information contact 24 210 20 211 (εσωτ. 2) or at 24 213 164 94.