Ηemodialysis Unit

The Dialysis Unit operates with experienced personnel, specialized nephrologist and nursing staff.

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The unit collaborates with experienced vascular surgeons for Catheter insertion. Placement of Central Venous Catheter is a successful practice for vascular access (grafts, fistula) I patenits with long term infusions.

The Department collaborates with diverse medical specialties such as cardiologists, pulmonologists, orthopedics, physicians, neurologists, etc, for timely management of health care issues related to kidney diseases. The unit also cooperates with a psychologist and a dietitian, experienced in the specific needs of hemodialysis patients.

Ηemodialysis Unit

ANASSA Clinic is equipped with the latest technology and is able to support the needs of Dialysis Kidney Unit such as emergencies, by providing: Hematology / Biochemistry Laboratory, Imaging department with top of the line devices of low-dose radiation, Ultrasonography scanner, ultramodern Operating Rooms and ICU; all of which are provided on a 24-hour basis and are ISO certified.

Nephrology Department

The nephrology department occupies with patients suffering from chronic and acute kidney problems such as glomerulonephritis, chronic arterial hypertension and urinary tract infections. Similarly, it is able to perform hemodialysis to patients suffering from acute renal failure even when hospitalized for other causes or after major surgical procedures.
Particular attention is given to kidney transplant procedure of end-stage renal patients by completing the pre-transplant evaluation in no time.

Advanced Equipment

The Unit is located in a specially-designed ward, located on the 5th floor, in a modern, bright and spacious area. The Unit’s top-of-the line medical equipment in alliance with the accurate infection control program in accordance to the applied international hemodialysis treatment protocols, guarantee patient safety.
The Dialysis Unit boasts state-of-the-art Artic Physio devices by GAMBRO (pioneer in the hemodialysis industry) cover all dialysis methods such as classic, online hemofiltration and hemodiafiltration, single needle, etc. And In accordance to each patient’s specific need the use of high and low flux polysulfone and elixon dialysis membranes. Moreover, the Unit is fully equipped with emergency systems such as heart monitors, electrocardiography monitors, aspiration devices, pulse oximeters, blood gas measurement devices, oxygen and blood pressure appliances, electronic scales and crash cart with defibrillator.

Unit Expansion – New Renovated Department

We are proud to announce you the upgrade of our Hemodialysis Unit.
Always committed to provide the best health care services in the area, Anassa expanded the Unit of Hemodialysis in a more contemporary establishment within a special designed area of the clinic.
Our new establishment offers the latest advanced equipment for the process of Dialysis.
Our upgraded facility is wide opening, spacious and fully functional.
Our aim is to provide to patients with chronic kidney problems a pleasant and friendly environment during their stay, with the security of our experienced personnel and specialized nephrologists.


Our priority is to provide to patients’ a comfortable and pleasant stay. Each patient has its own oxygen device, bed with electronic control system, free access to wired and wireless Internet, and his individual TV. The ward has central air conditioning. During hemodialysis process, patients are given a light meal. There is also a waiting area for patients and their companions, who enter the department from a different entrance from the main clinic’s gate. The unit cooperates with EOPYY that covers the dialysis treatments.

In order to ensure hygiene, the Unit provides a separate ward for seropositive patients (HBV).  We ensure that the unit’s areas are cleaned and disinfected continuously, while the machines are sterilized after every use and change of shifts. Modern water treatment of reverse osmosis system with continuous flow and waste management methods are used, aiming to reduce the environment burden due to hemodialysis.






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