Artificial Kidney Unit-Nephrology Department

The new Artificial Kidney Unit is supported by an experienced nephrologist and internist as well as specialized nursing staff.

The unit collaborates with vascular surgeons with significant experience and successful practice in the creation of vascular access (grafts, fistula, central venous catheters). The Department constantly collaborates with other specialties (cardiologists, pulmonologists, orthopedic physicians, neurologists, etc) for the timely management of problems related to the disease and collaborates with a psychologist and dietitian specializing in the specific needs of hemodialysis patients.

Artificial Kidney Unit

In addition, ANASSA Clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment and is able to support the Artificial Kidney Unit for any need that may arise, even for emergencies, by providing: Hematology / Biochemistry Laboratory; Imaging department with a last generation, low-dose radiation CT scanner; Ultrasonography scanner; ultramodern Operating Rooms; and ICU all of which are ISO certified, as well as doctors on a 24-hour basis.

Nephrology Department

The nephrology department treats patients that suffer from chronic and acute kidney problems such as glomerulonephritis, uncontrolled arterial hypertension and urinary tract infections. Similarly, it is able to perform hemodialysis on patients suffering from acute renal failure when hospitalized for other causes or after major surgical procedures.
Particular attention is given to completing the pretransplant evaluation in end-stage kidney patients as fast as possible so that they can be included in the transplant list in a timely manner.

Modern Equipment

The Unit is located in a specially-designed wing on the 5th floor of the Clinic, with modern, bright and spacious areas. The Unit’s modern medical equipment in conjunction with the strict infection control programs and the international hemodialysis treatment protocols that are in place, guarantee patient safety.
The Artificial Kidney Unit boasts 10 state-of-the-art Artic Physio devices by GAMBRO (a pioneer in the artificial kidney industry) which are fully operational with all the dialysis methods (classic, online hemofiltration and hemodiafiltration, single needle, etc.), depending of the patients’ specific needs and the high and low flux polysulfone and elixon dialysis membranes. Moreover, the Unit is fully equipped with emergency systems (heart monitors, electrocardiography monitors, aspiration devices, pulse oximeters, blood gas measurement devices, oxygen and blood pressure devices, electronic scales and crash cart with defibrillator).


Basic priority is given to the patients’ comfortable and pleasant stay. Each patient has their own oxygen device, beds with electronic control system, free access to wired and wireless Internet, and individual TV. The room has central air conditioning, while the patient is given a light meal during hemodialysis. There is also a waiting area for patients and their companions, as well as the ability to enter the department from a separate entrance. The unit collaborates with EOPYY to cover the treatments that are provided.

In order to ensure hygiene, the Unit has a separate ward seropositive patients (HBV); it ensures that the unit’s areas are cleaned and disinfected continuously, while the machines are sterilized after every shift. Lastly, modern water treatment (reverse osmosis systems with continuous flow) and waste management methods are used aimed at reducing the environment burden due to hemodialysis.







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