Anassa Breast Center

Nowadays, mammogram is most important preventive check up test for breast cancer. The digital mammogram coupled with the clinical examination by a specialized doctor, the breast ultrasound and elastography, particularly in younger women with dense breasts, increase the chances of a 98-99% proper diagnosis.

Digital mammogram

Low-dose radiation digital mammography scanner

The digital mammogram is able to detect tumors measuring only a few millimeters as well as micro-calcifications, a finding which is frequently associated with early-stage non-invasive cancer.
The smaller the tumor, the greater the likelihood of a cure and the likelihood of the breast being preserved. That is why early diagnosis is extremely important and the benefit a woman has from early diagnosis is immeasurable.

The ANASSA Digital Mammography Department boasts one of the latest low-dose radiation digital mammography scanners(Hologic) with the following advantages:
• Digital low-dose radiation detector
• It generates the best possible high-definition image
• Ability to move – tilt the compression pad so that it automatically adjusts to the natural movement of the breast, providing uniform and comfortable compression, thus giving the best result across the entire area of the breast
• It has the highest digital system resolution for timely and reliable diagnosis
• It is certified by the European Organization EUREF and falls in line with the standards regarding image quality, radiation exposure and stability standards

High-Definition Ultrasound

High Definition Ultrasound, with 3D Elastography imaging

In addition, the Mammography Department has been equipped with a High Definition Ultrasound Device which features high resolution ability for visualizing structures measuring up to 2 tenths of a millimeter and the detecting even the lowest flows in capillaries or malformations. This ultrasound device performs the 3D Elastography imaging technique, which is a particularly significant imaging method in the diagnosis of breast cancer. It also allows the observance of tissue and tumor behavior after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Clinical examination

The breast examination is finalized with the examination of the breasts by specialized doctors, who examine the area of the breast and lymph nodes for any abnormalities. The aim of the ANASSA Mammography Department is to provide a comprehensive and reliable diagnostic approach to breast problems, so that the factors that pose a risk to women’s health are addressed in the best way.






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